Nancy Whittington-Coates
Nancy is a lead generation and social media assistant with an educational background in fine arts, textile manipulation and print media. She has always had a macabre fascination, a love for music, film and literature and a huge passion for bold, dramatic styling which several years ago led her to writing about plus size style and creating makeup tutorials. Her perfect days are spent wandering through stately homes, antique shopping and eating at great restaurants. She married her husband Peter (see below!) in San Francisco in 2015 and they now live in a cottage in beautiful Leicestershire with their rescued pets, English bulldog Betty and Sphynx cat Cleo.

Personal blog :
Twitter : @sugardarling
Instagram: @sugardarlingblog

Peter Coates
Peter is a public servant with an educational background in music production. His main passions lie in music, film, gaming and baseball.

Twitter: @petecoates88

Violet Glenton
Violet is an art history and archaeology graduate in her early Twenties, currently working in business development. Originally from Yorkshire she is adores travelling and has a particular penchant for Italy where she married her love in 2016 at Lake Garda. She has a miniature schnauzer and in her spare time enjoys baking, crafting and playing guitar.

Personal blog :
Twitter : @violetglenton
Instagram : @violet_glenton

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