Wednesday, 11 January 2017


One of the greatest gifts that art brings us is the feeling of connection, like that thing is speaking directly to you and perfectly embodies a part of your own self. This can come in the form of a painting, a piece of music, a poem or even a piece of jewellery. This is how I feel about Blood Milk Jewels and what has led me to covet their beautiful treasures for what feels like many years, but is probably in fact around five or six.

This year my husband gifted me with my first piece, the stunning Belonging to the Darkness ring in rose gold vermeil. To say it feels like Jess created this design by tapping into my very own heart's desire actually feels like an understatement and I cannot really describe how incredibly beautiful it is in person. It seems even more fitting that my first piece was bought for me by the love of my life and more so again when you read these words from it's creator - '...this ring represents a kind of "engagement" ring, and I was certainly thinking of Lady Persephone of myth, belonging to Hades, Lord of the Underworld/afterlife. For me personally, it represents a way of showing a commitment, a belonging to something or someone...'.

I look forward to collecting more pieces over the coming years and strongly urge you to look through all of  the Blood Milk designs and Blood Milk Exquisite Corpse creations; to read of what inspired them and how meticulous the development of each design is. Blood Milk Jewels really are works of art and the passion, dedication and sincerity of their creator is so apparent and so so inspirational, I cannot wait to see what is to come from this amazing business.


Author : Nancy Whittington-Coates

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