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Allegedly the cocktail of choice for weary gentlemen who have been out on a long day's hunting, this is a very simple mixed cocktail using just two ingredients. I first came across this drink in Anthony Hogg's book 'Cocktails and Mixed Drinks' but I have seen several variations on menus over the years that added additional ingredients such as cherry bitters or maraschino liqueur. 

Personally I enjoy it as is, but if my palette is asking for a little more sweetness I'll sometimes add a teaspoon or so of morello cherry syrup. I'm also including the 'ladies version' as it too is very deliscious although not something I could drink a lot of due to the inclusion of fresh cream.

As with all simple recipes, to make it work you need to use the best versions of each ingredient that you can find, or at least your personal favourites. My recommendations for cherry brandy are either Lejay-Lagoute or Grant's and some excellent rye whiskies include Woodford Reserve Rye, Rebel Yell Small Batch Straight Rye, Bulleit '95' Rye and Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye which is especially fitting for this drink as it's smoked with cherrywood.

Makes one

2 measures rye whiskey
1 measure cherry brandy

Thoroughly stir the whiskey and brandy together with a spoon and pour into a heavy tumbled, adding ice and garnishing with a maraschino cherry should you so desire.


Makes one

1 measure rye whiskey
1 measure cherry brandy
1 measure fresh single cream
dash of triple sec

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with some ice and shake vigorously before straining into your glass of choice. To fully combine the cream with the other ingredients this version should be shaken rather than stirred.


Author : Nancy Whittington-Coates

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